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Cheri Williams’ Last Best Advice for Assistants

Assistant Takeover has brought us a whole year of conversations and advice to help better the Executive/Assistant relationship. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Join us for the last installment of Assistant Takeover with Matt Keller and Cheri Williams where Matt and Cheri close out the year by sharing Cheri’s “last best advice” for assistants. Assistants, keep these words of wisdom in mind and go into 2018 ready to make your leader more effective than you…

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5 Categories to Reflect on From 2017

This year is coming to a close and that means it’s time to look back on everything we’ve learned throughout 2017. In December’s episode of The 1st Conversation with Matt Keller and Kyle Jackson, Matt and Kyle ask leaders to reflect on their experiences during 2017 and ask themselves how they did and how they should improve across 5 categories. From daily disciplines to plans for growth and more, how are we going to improve our leadership in 2018? Remember: The best teacher…

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5 Characteristics of a Dynamic Assistant

A truly successful and effective assistant needs to go beyond the to-do lists, emails, and scheduling. In this month’s episode of Assistant Takeover with Matt Keller and Cheri Williams, Matt and Cheri identify and discuss the five characteristics of a dynamic assistant and what makes them so important. Learn how to add an exponential component to every Executive/Assistant relationship with traits like teachability, a positive attitude, endless energy, and more.

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The Value of Fun

Fun isn’t just about being “funny” or sarcastic. It’s about loving and being passionate about what you do! For the month of November, we are adding value with our seventh and final leadership behavioral value. In this episode of “Values on the 7th,” Kyle Jackson discusses and defines the core value of “fun,” how it can improve your staff and organization, and how to make sure your team is enjoying what they do. Lean in, leaders, and laugh out loud…

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5 Phrases I’m Wrestling With Right Now

November offers the perfect opportunity to slow down and use the holiday downtime to press pause and have some time to reflect. In this month’s The 1st Conversation with Matt Keller and Kyle Jackson, Matt and Kyle get us started on this time of reflection by letting us know what’s on their minds with “5 Phrases I’m Wrestling With Right Now.” Lean in while we discuss what these five unique phrases mean to our organizations, from the concept of “shared influence” to…

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Delegating for Success

Executives, there is always going to be more new ideas and projects than there is time. So how do we deal with that? By utilizing our Assistants and team members! In this month’s Assistant Takeover with Matt Keller and Cheri Williams, Matt and Cheri take on the topic of “Delegating for Success.” Lean in as we discuss how Executives can effectively delegate and how Assistants and team members can carry out these tasks in a way where the end result is…

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The Value of Love

We believe that, as leaders, we are called to behave out of one very simple act: Love. This month focuses on a special leadership value and the ultimate motivator of each of our six other values. In this episode of Values on the 7th, Sarah Keller defines and breaks down the leadership behavioral value of love. Remember, when we love, we can lead at a whole new level!

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