Staying Ahead of Your Executive

Executives, if your assistants can learn the art of staying ahead of you, it will change everything for your organization. In this month’s episode of Assistant Takeover, Matt and Cheri discuss six ways assistants can stay ahead of their executives.  

The Value of Teachability

In this episode of Values on the 7, Matt discusses the leadership behavioral value of Teachability. Teachability is defined as having the desire to learn and a willingness to change. Tune in to discover the 4 filters that determine if you’re staying teachable.  

4 Attitudes of a Great Leader

If attitude is everything and everything rises and falls on leadership, it stands to reason that everything rises and falls on the attitude of those in leadership. In this episode of the 1st Conversation, Matt and Kyle discuss the 4 attitudes of a great leader and how vital they are for the future of your organization.  

How Organizations Grow

There are three macro-phases that every organization goes through. Tune in to this month’s episode of Conference on the 20 to discover what these three phases are and how to best transition from one to another.  

Practical Tools for Executives and Their Assistants

Technology is our friend but it can also be overwhelming at times. In this episode of Assistant Takeover, Matt and his Executive Assistant, Cheri, discuss the five practical tools they use that help them work together more effectively.  

The Core Value of Loyalty

In this episode of Values on the 7, Executive Teaching Pastor, Kyle Jackson, discusses the value of loyalty. Here you will discover 4 filters that determine whether or not loyalty is being demonstrated in your organization.  

3 Things That Can Pull a Leader Off Their Game

Sometimes we veer off course on our leadership journey. In this episode Matt and Kyle discuss 3 critical things that can pull a leader off their game. It is sure to provide valuable insights, as well as helpful tools to help you stay the course and lead your team and organization well.   

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