Serving Someone Else’s Dream

You have a dream in your heart for your life. So, how do you serve someone else’s dream when it’s not your dream?  If you’re a member of a team it’s important to learn how to serve your leader’s dream with humility. Serving someone else’s dream with humility is the path to your promotion. Tune in to this month’s Conference on the 20 to learn how to use your gifts and talents where you’re at for the season you’re in.

The Monster of Email

Managing the “Monster of Email” can be a daunting task. In this episode of the Assistant Takeover, Matt Keller and his executive assistant, Cheri Williams, share 5 practical ways for executives and assistants to effectively handle an overwhelming and time-consuming inbox!

5 Meeting Essentials

What’s the one unavoidable truth in any organization? Meetings, meetings, and more meetings! In this episode of The 1st Conversation, Matt and Kyle discuss the 5 essentials to make any meeting you lead great. Learn how to set the tone for your meetings, increase team energy and more! You’ll discover what every leader must do to lead meetings in a way that gets better results and increases team morale. Meetings matter – make them great!  

Prioritizing Greater Purpose

The next generation rising up is demanding that our businesses be about more than just the bottom line. In order to be successful today, we must connect our businesses to a greater purpose.  Do our team members understand our greater purpose? A purpose doesn’t have to be big, but it must exist. Motivation and morale soar when employees grasp the “why” behind everything we do. As leaders, we must consistently keep the vision of our greater purpose at the forefront. When…

The 5 Biggest Questions Executives Ask

In this month’s episode of Assistant Takeover Matt’s assistant, Cheri, literally takes over by asking him the 5 biggest questions she gets from Executives about having an assistant. The questions cover where to start when hiring a new assistant to how to make sure they feel appreciated.  

The Secret to Improving Your Focus as a Leader

The tables are turned for this episode of the 1st Conversation of the Month! Matt interviews Kyle on a productivity concept that will change the priorities of your workday. Tune in as they discuss how to clearly focus on the things you need to accomplish and how to prioritize them.  

Working with Millennials

The Millennial Generation is on the rise in the workforce today! Tune in to this episode of Conference on the ’20’ to discover 3 big thoughts on rethinking Millennials. This world-changing generation is rewriting the rules. They think differently, and operate differently than previous generations. These young adults possess enormous creativity, tremendous energy, and unlimited potential, but they need informed leaders who can harness their capabilities with their wisdom and resources, which they have gained over time.

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