Matt Keller is the founding lead pastor of the 9th fastest growing church in America today, Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida.  He is a passionate and inspirational nationwide speaker, who also relationally coaches hundreds of leaders and pastors through Next Level Coaching.  He truly is a leader of leaders, encouraging them to take their leadership to the next level.  As a husband, father, leading pastor, speaker, writer and coach, he leads by example.

We had a big vision, but who knew that with patient perseverance we’d be where we are today, living the dream.  What started out as a handful of people in a coffee shop is now a thriving church impacting over 2,500 people each weekend. I wrote my first book The Up The Middle Church to allow others to learn from our experiences. After all, as my wife and I like to say, “We’re the slowest, fastest Growing Church in America!”  You’ve got to understand, we were in a “mobile-reality” for 9 years before the momentum really kicked into high-gear which is now exponential.  I just finished my second book “God of the Underdog” scheduled to release fall 2013, published by Thomas Nelson.MK-MattKeller_contentPhotosV2

“God of the Underdogs” ~ We are all underdogs.  We all feel in some way like the deck is stacked against us.  God of the Underdogs is keying in on 9 Biblical characters who had to overcome their excuses so they can live their destinies and change the world.

This is my personal website. My goal is to give you an abundance of resources on organizational and personal leadership that you can apply to your professional and personal life, through articles, audio and video.  If these are areas you are looking to grow in, then this site is for you!

There are 3 significant purposes that fuel my life and drive how I invest my time into; leading, pastoring and writing. My wife of 16 years, is my high school sweetheart Sarah, I could not do what I do without her affirmation and support.  My two sons, Will and Drew, share in our dreams, while growing ever more passionate about their God-purpose. On a hobby level, I’m also an avid baseball fan. In fact, our whole family is in on it now! We are are huge Tampa Bay Rays fans!


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