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Matt Keller is the founding lead pastor of Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida.

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The Key to Everything

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Teachability isn't something that some people are born with and others aren't. It is a characteristic that can be learned and grown. In fact, the only way to succeed in life is to possess teachability in an ever-increasing fashion, and The Key to Everything reveals how to do just that.

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Staff Core Values: Loyalty

Loyalty We protect each other. {…All believers were of one heart and mind. –Acts 4:32}    Chances are you grew up with at least one sibling. There’s nothing quite like the relationship between siblings! You may have a lot in common, or you may be polar opposites, but one thing is always true: you’re family, and you protect each other. If someone tries to mess with your brother or sister, you will go Jack Bauer on that person! You will…

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Staff Core Values: Fun

You Win A Prize Baby!

"Creating a Place that People Love, so They can Experience a Loving God."

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